Radiant Heating and Cooling Solutions

Traditional Underfloor Heating and Cooling with pipes embedded into the screedDiapositiva30

Innovative  Underfloor Radiant Heating and Cooling, the lowest thickness on the marketDiapositiva33

Two models available, 20 mm – 33 mmModul-Klimaboden_01i_3714822


Wall Heating and Cooling with modules embedded into the plasterDiapositiva50Diapositiva49

Perfect for new but better for exixting buildingsDiapositiva55Diapositiva57


Termography of a Wall heating in a school Diapositiva59

Ceiling Radiant Heating and Cooling modules embedded into plasterDiapositiva66


Innovative Ceiling Radiant Heating and Cooling for False ceilingsP1110057 Square modulesDiapositiva76

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